Help With Trauma

Traumatic events can have a negative impact on our lives for years after they happen. Where certain situations, noises, places, people can leave you feeling out of control, fearful anxious and stressed. EFT can help you reduce the intensity of these emotions so that recalling the event becomes a memory without the intense feelings.

How does trauma affect you?

A past or recent traumatic experience can affect you in so many ways: You may avoid certain places, people and situations that bring on distressing feelings and remind you of a recent or past bad experience. You may experience panic attacks and find it difficult, at times, to concentrate or focus on things.
Your may have mood swings and at times feel irritable and angry.

Release pent-up feelings

If you’ve experienced a recent or past trauma, EFT can be extremely useful in helping release the emotional charge that was caused by a difficult event. It can help you get to a stage where thinking about the traumatic memory no longer triggers alarming symptoms, such as panic attacks or overwhelming emotions.

Open up in a safe space

Our sessions provide a safe, compassionate and confidential space for you to heal and move forward in your life with greater confidence and joy. It is possible for you to get to a stage where you can leave the past behind and instead live in the present, moving forward however you want to.

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