Tom’s Experience

Before I met Caroline I struggled with fractious and explosive anger that would often leave me drained and low for days afterwards. This tension, and the anxiety that was driving it, was affecting the way I dealt with my work and personal relationships.

Thanks to Caroline’s patient and perceptive guidance I have become a far calmer and happier individual, able to deal with anger far more effectively than I ever thought possible. Through practical and insightful observations and techniques Caroline helped me to identify problem areas and uncover the anxieties and disquiet that were feeding my frustration. My self esteem is invigorated and my previous tendency to deny, bottle up, or beat myself up over my emotions has essentially been extinguished.

Working with Caroline has been hugely beneficial for all walks of my life and friends and family have commented upon my fresh outlook: I am more confident, genuinely cheerful and capable of dealing with problems or situations which previously would have been infuriating or paralysing.

Caroline is experienced and considerate, she not only helps you in her sessions but also provides you with the tools to continue to help yourself, should there be any need to do so. For anyone seeking to improve their emotional health in anyway, Caroline should be your first port of call.

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