Below are just some of the experiences and journey’s my clients have gone on. To discuss the first step in your own, please get in touch for a free 30 minute chat.

Kay's Experience

“Prior to working with Caroline my main challenges were anger, irritability, and low tolerance levels in the workplace. Increasing managerial work responsibilities, bereavement, health issues and moving my life to Exeter had all left me feeling frustrated, low and mentally exhausted.”

Sue's Experience

“I felt angry, guilty and fearful about things prior to seeing Caroline. I still have the memory of the issues, but they no longer have the emotional charge they had before. I can now stand up for myself, keep calm and stop thinking of bad stuff and focus on what I want instead. I feel in control now, solving my own problems and changing what I decide I want to change.”

J's Experience

“Before I started working with Caroline I had tried so many different ways to help overcome my anxiety. I came to Caroline as my social phobia, panic attacks and blushing were effecting every aspect of my life and holding me back. Caroline really helped me to get to the root of the problem and encouraged me to look at and examine the way I viewed myself and the effect this had on my behaviour.”

N's Experience

“Having tried various forms of therapy in the past, with varying levels of success, I was looking for something unique, when I discovered Caroline. A new concept to me at the time, Emotional Freedom Technique has proven, to me, to be a dynamic therapy that deals with emotional issues in a very effective and beneficial way. “

SG's Experience

“I had been feeling anxious about the future, dealing with grief and loss, having feelings of loneliness and inadequacy for a long time during a period of great change. I had to leave a successful career and redesign my life. When I worked with Caroline, I addressed these issues and changed the way I looked at my life.”

Francessca's Experience

“I was feeling completely overwhelmed by my life, even the easiest task such as going to the supermarket looked difficult to me. I was feeling tired, unmotivated and I thought that my life didn’t make any sense. I had a challenging relationship with my mum, which was affecting my life.”

CP's Experience

“I cannot claim to understand in depth the techniques employed by Caroline Lucas. I can only sincerely testify that they worked for me. Briefly, the sudden onset of a potentially serious illness realised my worst fears – admission to hospital and serious surgery. ‘Petrified’ would not be an over statement.”

Barbara's Experience

“Working with Caroline has enabled me to become clear about the end of a marriage break up and reduce the guilt I felt. Caroline has also worked with me to look at my current career and allowed me to explore insights into what I really want to do in the future.”

CH's Experience

“Working with Caroline has helped me gain a clearer perspective of where I am in my life. She listens well, and has enough resources and experience to be flexible in her approach. Issues that had kept recurring over the years are now no longer a problem for me.”

AM's Experience

“You are in safe hands with Caroline. I knew I needed to make changes, but was unsure what I needed to do. All I could see was that life wasn’t going to plan and the same problems kept on recurring, relationship problems and a lack of confidence and the common denominator was me!”

Alison's Experience

“Before working with Caroline, I had tried other types of counselling but several issues from my past remained unresolved. I found EFT in combination with Self Development Coaching, really effective in dealing with these issues without having to examine painful memories.”

Paula's Experience

“After having Pneumonia and being so ill, I knew I had to make serious changes, regarding my emotions and how I felt about myself. From the very beginning I felt so comfortable sharing personal family and relationship information with Caroline.”

Tom's Experience

“Before I met Caroline I struggled with fractious and explosive anger that would often leave me drained and low for days afterwards. This tension, and the anxiety that was driving it, was affecting the way I dealt with my work and personal relationships.”