SG’s Experience

I had been feeling anxious about the future, dealing with grief and loss, having feelings of loneliness and inadequacy for a long time during a period of great change. I had to leave a successful career and redesign my life.

When I worked with Caroline, I addressed these issues and changed the way I looked at my life.

During this process I was able to let go of the uncomfortable emotions connected to some traumatic situations from the past. We explored all the issues that were holding me back, with a variety of techniques. This enabled me to draw on skills and resources I never realised I had, as well as gaining new ones.

This experience empowered and enabled me to have greater freedom, more choice, better relationships and to look forward to the future with greater confidence and optimism.

I have found out what I really love and want to do in my life. I now welcome change instead of fearing it. My life feels good and is so different. I feel very grateful to Caroline for working with me.

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