Help With Relationships

All relationships are complicated and nuanced. EFT coaching can help improve the way you relate to those around you, break free of old patterns of behaviour and minimise future conflict so that you can get on better and move forward into the future.

Family relationships

Do you have difficulty with a particular member of your family? Perhaps that relationship has always been challenging, or you’ve never understood your own role within the family, always feeling like the black sheep. Such feelings can lead to constant arguments, lingering resentment and persistent sadness.

Romantic relationships

Do you argue a lot with your partner? Perhaps you feel rejected, distant, misunderstood or not even listened to? Romantic relationships leave you vulnerable, which heightens feelings and in the heat of the moment, lead to drastic actions you don’t actually want to take ­– EFT coaching can help you with these issues and more.

Relationships with children

Sometimes children are difficult. They don’t realise it, but behaviour like this can cause anxiety in a parent, particularly if their efforts at discipline fall flat. You feel tired, drained and angry as a result – you dread meal time, bed time and potential flashpoints that lead to bad behaviour.

Become less reactive

EFT coaching empowers you to deal with all these issues and more, helping you to minimise conflict and connect to those around you again. You’ll feel less reactive and better equipped to shift to more positive and resourceful ways of dealing with your problems.

Gain clarity

You’ll start to see situations with greater clarity and from different perspectives, helping you understand the needs of others and your needs better. You’ll feel more confident and empowered in your relationships, feel less distress, feel calmer, become more assertive and generally happier.

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