Help With Phobias

Phobias are often seen as irrational and illogical fears of a specific object, animal or situation. Many phobias can be controlled by avoiding the object of fear, but some phobias like a fear of flying can be extremely limiting. EFT can help you get on top of these fears.

Phobias controlling your life

Phobias can impair your ability to function well and place limits on your everyday life. It may stop you from taking a much-deserved holiday by avoiding flying, hamper you from trying exciting new things or manifest in other negative behaviours that have an impact on your daily life.

Don't suffer in silence

Many people with phobias suffer in silence. Because such fears are judged as irrational, they stay quiet, not wanting to admit to these feelings. Even worse, they may want help but don’t know where to turn to get it. EFT coaching may be able to help you.

Working through fears with EFT

EFT can be safely applied either in a session, at my practice or over the phone. During a session, you’ll be in control at all times and entirely safe, all while learning valuable tools that can help you in most situations.

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