Mindfulness Forest Walks

Our mindfulness forest walks aim to help you relax among nature. Both our mental and physical health are improved by connecting with the natural world — these walks are designed to make you feel uplifted, at peace and energised. 

What Happens on the Walks

Enjoy a guided immersion in the natural world, allowing you to connect fully to nature through all your senses. There will be various mindful activities, breathing and sensory exercises, meditative walking and the chance to fully connect with yourself, giving you the space and time to rejuvenate yourself.

Why is Doing This Important?

Most of us live in urban centres, spending lots of time indoors, in our cars and in offices. Many of us also have unhealthy relationships with technology, constantly checking phone updates. Getting fresh air out in the tranquillity of nature allows us to free ourselves from those behaviours.

What are the benefits?

A wealth of data shows that a two-hour mindfulness forest walk will help improve sleep, reduce depression, anxiety, stress, mental fatigue, anger and aggression, while improving concentration, creativity, memory, energy levels and mood, making you feel happier and boosting your immune system.

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