Kay’s Experience

Prior to working with Caroline my main challenges were anger, irritability, and low tolerance levels in the workplace. Increasing managerial work responsibilities, bereavement, health issues and moving my life to Exeter had all left me feeling frustrated, low and mentally exhausted.

Within a few months of working together, we were able to identify and address issues that were producing significant negative effects: resulting in better relationships at work, feeling invigorated and more confident.

Family and colleagues have been able to appreciate the difference in my approach and how I deal with situations, which were previously triggering negative reactions. Most importantly, I feel happier, I am managing the challenging aspects of my work with new confidence and without the personal emotions, doubts and fears that were influencing me before. Through self development coaching with Caroline I have achieved the results that I set out to achieve and I would highly recommend it. The process has been enjoyable, life changing and invaluable and I would undoubtedly continue to work with Caroline in the future, should I need to.

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