How I Help

With 20 years of experience helping women like you, I can help you turn the dial down on your emotions and heal past and present negative experiences and traumas, so you can shift to more positive and resourceful ways of being.

Combining techniques

I’ve found that a combination of EFT, NLP and transformational coaching is a powerful combination to help you find your inner ability to overcome your problems, develop greater emotional resilience, experience better relationships and improve your self-esteem and confidence.

Remove blocks from your life

Sometimes we can all have blocks in our lives; things that are preventing us from moving forward and moving on. I will help you let go of unsupportive beliefs and blocks in your life that have had you going around in circles and prevented you from achieving what you are really capable of.

Less of an uphill struggle

Life will feel less of an uphill struggle with many more moments of peace, joy and laughter, as you gain greater self confidence and inner freedom, taking back control of what you do and don’t do. Living your life on purpose rather than life just happening to you.

Areas of specialism

I am able to help people in a number of ways – these include those experiencing loss, a trauma of some kind, phobias, anxiety, stress, or feeling overwhelmed by personal relationships and daily emotions.

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