Get comfortable with anger

Are you afraid of anger?

Many people, children, parents, teachers etc often have problems with anger, because we are afraid of anger. We are afraid of anger often because it can be out of control and violent. We tend to avoid angry people, especially if anger is expressed with violence because it’s scary and unsafe. Also we may feel others won’t like us if we get angry.

However on the flip side anger can be a very useful emotion, as it helps motivate us to take action and change what is not working. Anger can also help us protect ourselves. But the rub is we need to understand anger and learn how to express it appropriately in the moment, without being out of control; non violently with motivation; without fear; so anger can help us forge successful, real relationships with others and our selves.

Getting comfortable with anger is not about repressing and suppressing it, that only works in the short term, and we are not being congruent and true to ourselves. Repressing anger leads to a passive aggressive behaviour pattern which is particularly unhelpful in a different way. In terms of our health, explosive outbursts or being depressive can lead to health problems. Also behaving that way, interferes with our ability to develop long term healthy relationships.

Our anger management course can help

Aims of the course include:

  • To get to a point where anger is ok, abuse and violence are not ok.
  • To get to a point where you experience anger as good, healthy and normal. Stating what makes you angry and expressing anger safely.
  • Building up your self esteem, as it makes you less likely to need to express anger.
  • To know what you want and how to ask for it.
  • Learn how to express yourself clearly and cleanly, whilst developing good listening skills
  • To learn to notice our own individual patterns around anger and trigger points, to enable choices about what to do with angry feelings.

Take charge of your anger on our Anger Management Course. If you have any questions please call on 07766 517497 and I will do my best to call you back as soon as possible.

Why bother, I get along just fine?

Do you feel uncomfortable when others are angry?

If you have answered yes to the above question I can help you let go of any fear around this, so you are not triggered in this way.

Do you often find yourself not doing what you want to do, always saying yes to keep the peace? Or do you need greater self esteem?

If yes, I can help you to have greater self -esteem, self respect and treat yourself with love and compassion. I can guide you so you can be how you want to be, have a voice, be more assertive and be able to say no.

Do you get inappropriately angry, for the situation, in certain contexts?

If yes and this has become a problem for you, I can help you discover what your triggers and patterns of behaviour are and help you to heal and let them go whilst feeling safe.

Do you need to learn to express yourself positively and assertively, without physical and/or verbal violence?

If yes I can help you to realise and accept anger as a useful and helpful emotion: to learn a different way of being and thinking about your emotions: to safely express clearly, calmly, assertively what you have not been able to say. To be able to give yourself the time and space to access thinking, in order to make a choice, whether to fly into a rage or not: to have the choice to get your needs met in a more effective way.

If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions and/or have other questions, please contact me via the online contact form or call me 07766 517497.

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