Francessca’s Experience

I was feeling completely overwhelmed by my life, even the easiest task such as going to the supermarket looked difficult to me. I was feeling tired, unmotivated and I thought that my life didn’t make any sense. I had a challenging relationship with my mum, which was affecting my life. I had always needed my mum’s support and approval. This came from my insecurity, low self esteem and my need for others, especially my mum, to show they loved me. From the very first time I met caroline, I knew she would really help me. After a few sessions, I was already feeling much more confident, and my relationship with my daughter improved. I didn’t feel stressed and tired. I felt motivated and happy to go to work and my work improved dramatically.

I have just had two weeks with my mum and she was astonished to see how different I am. We had a lovely time together, which had not happened for a very long time. I am very happy now, I live my life without worrying about everything, and I am confident in my future. I know my life makes sense and I like it.

Self development coaching made a huge change in me and my life. I highly recommend it.

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